A Polished Work nail spa lounge

A full-service nail salon.

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing

Website: www.apolishedwork.com

Facebook Pitching Videohttps://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=821545511930728&extid=argf8YXHeNXOUw76

Youtube Pitching Videohttps://youtu.be/hz6zBW9SchY

“A Polished Work nail spa lounge was started in 2013, after I realized there was a great opportunity for nail salons with higher standards and service on the south side. I always had the desire to do nails. More importantly, I noticed the need for an elevated experience around nail service. I believe that receiving manicures and pedicures should be relaxing self-care experiences. It should not be treated as another errand that needs to be handled as quickly as possible.

Some say the eyes are the windows to your soul, but I feel it’s your hands that tell your story. I’ve always found ways to express my creativity. And, ultimately, my love & passion for nails was the driving force behind creating a salon providing optimal quality nail care services in an inner city community.

Knowing that success and happiness allows us to all to live more fulfilled lives, I am always willing to lend a helping hand in the development of a polished work.”

– Monica Abernathy