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Website: jjust.in

I consider myself to be a happenstance entrepreneur. I did not plan to go into business. For the most part, I was initially not interested in entrepreneurship because I come from a long line of family members who were entrepreneurs. For years I thought these women’s hustle was too much for me to handle. Then…entrepreneurship found me and I understood the motivation behind my grandmother’s, aunts’, and mother’s business ideas. Because of my networks and experiences, professionals in my industry began to reach out to me to design curricula for K-12 settings and hired me to conduct teacher trainings. Before there was the official company (Learning Dimensions) I was side hustling and finding satisfaction in my hustle. My clients continued to increase and colleagues within my industry began to encourage me to start my own educational consultant company. My mom, and her advice became the greatest motivation to launch what later became Learning Dimensions. She encouraged me to follow my dream and pursue my passion of working for myself in order to help schools and organizations to developed quality learning experiences to learners of all ages. She assured me that I had all that I needed to be successful. She told me that she believed in me. On September 3, 2013, I officially opened Learning Dimensions as a sole proprietor and by December 5, 2013, the company was a LLC. I have NEVER had any regrets.”