About Blossom Girls Network

North Kenwood

A Celebration of Young Womanhood

Odessa Parkinson

Their Story

The Blossom Girls mission is to Celebrate, Educate, Empower, and Connect girls on their journey to young womanhood. The Blossom Girl Period Celebration Kit is an intimate and fun learning package that helps girls understand the changes in their body leading to menstruation. Our goal is to shift the paradigm from shame and embarrassment to empowerment and high self-esteem. This communication tool bridges the gap for this important discussion, allowing parents, grandparents, single dads, modern families, and educators to celebrate this critical milestone while educating girls on the wonderous changes happening to their bodies. The Blossom Girls Period Kit is a celebration in a box! When that special girl opens her kit she is inundated with cherry blossom fragrance, glitter, and confetti. Underneath, she will find a congratulations letter, sanitary products, carrying pouch, educational workbook, keepsake items, and much more!