About Trading Races

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Learn Black history while unpacking the complexities of race

Kenyatta Forbes

Their Story

Founder Kenyatta Forbes created Trading Races as a public school educator who noticed a lack of student interest in Black History in addition to the absence of Black History and culture within the school curriculum. She wanted a way to engage students and activate their interest while developing an appreciation for Black History. She quickly realized how fun the game could also be as a party game as well. Trading Races is a playing card game developed in 2017 that provides unique opportunities for communities to learn Black history while unpacking the complexities of race with one simple question: “Who’s blacker than who?” In the years since its launch, Trading Races has become a popular game that is part party game, part educational, and 100% thought provoking. We offer in-person or virtual game facilitation for education in K-12, college, universities, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, we offer in-person and virtual game facilitation for social settings like game nights or themed programming through partnerships with event spaces, bars, and private parties. Simply put, we bring people together. In a time where there is so much divisiveness in the country surrounding race, Trading Races is a unique way for individuals to understand, hear, and see each other. Trading Races is a vehicle for critical conversation on race while also being fun, interesting, and within a safe space. In educational spaces, the game creates opportunities for growth and understanding with our core beliefs that “what’s said here stays here…but what’s learned here…leaves here.” In social game playing settings, Trading Races becomes a space for community, laughter, and belonging. We value the South Side of Chicago by providing facilitated workshops to educational institutions during Black History Month. We facilitate workshops for 9-12 institutions, colleges and universities, in addition to non-profit organizations serving underrepresented populations. We also participate in block parties, street fests, and more. Bringing good times, laughter, and fun wherever we go.