Comercio Popular

Pop-up and online shop that offers a selection of contemporary objects, art, and apparel designed and made in Mexico.

Neighborhood: Bronzeville


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Comercio Popular offers a selection of beautiful Mexican design objects for all.
From home goods to apparel, we showcase and sell work that celebrates Mexican heritage and tradition, that in turn supports an industry of Mexican artisans, designers, and sometimes, entire communities.

Comercio Popular recognizes the importance of creating space for communities with limited access to experiences that champion and relate to their identities. So we also produce events, like art shows and markets, that serve as a platform for Chicago creatives of color to present their work and creativity.

Comercio Popular wants to impact and transform our communities through culture, consciousness, and commerce. Through design, we want to promote narratives that enrich people’s lives and allow them to perceive and experience Latinx heritage in a different light.


COMERCIO POPULAR was launched as a concept pop-up shop in 2018. The goal was to shift the pop-up experience by creating an immersive customer engagement experience through visual merchandising and a curated set of design objects in a small space, for a brief moment. Through this, we were able to quickly differentiate our identity. In October 2018, to make ourselves more accessible, we set up a temporary residency in the Pilsen neighborhood. This allowed us to expand our design collection and serve as a destination for those wanting to learn about us.

Eventually, the space became a platform for conversations and connections with a clientele that felt a kinship to our vision and culture. It also allowed us to host a multidisciplinary range of creatives and brands who also aimed to serve an untapped public.”

– Miguel Cervantes