Creative company geared towards cultivating communities through arts and expression by producing events, workshops, and activism activities.

Neighborhood: Bronzeville


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“I founded Fourtunehouse when I was 17 – with the intention to provide opportunities for emerging music artists in Chicago. The initial name of my organization was FortuneRAMP – standing for Resource Assessment and Management Partnership. I was inspired by companies such as Roc Nation and also the work of my mentors within the creative community of Chicago. We began doing “artist management” services for a collective of eight artists along with general promotional content for other artists through our platform. This stage presented challenges with lack of experience in effective management – mainly being 17 with minimal capital. As time went, I gained experience curating live shows for the “underground” music scene in Chicago – with mostly hip-hop artists and visual artists. That experience developed into insight, which further shifted the vision to building community through that high-depth curation. This stage in my journey led to the development of Fourtunehouse – a reimagining of my original vision rooted in educational, healing and liberation-centered spaces. Our live shows transitioned into open mics – removing the pedestal and creating more opportunities for artists to express themselves. We also began curating workshops around artists-led audio production and audio engineering – providing rooted approaches for developing artists. We have since committed ourselves in community actions such as clothing drives, food drives and neighborhood cleanups. I see the future of my organization taking the role of mobilizing creators to causes and initiatives more impactful than content.”

– Makafui Searcy