Children’s shop focused on representation and inclusivity.

Neighborhood: South Loop


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“My history as an entrepreneur was pre-determined, interestingly enough. My great-grandfather had a tailor shop on Black Wall Street in Tulsa. He fled with his family during the race riot, and he migrated North to Chicago. Eventually, once my grandfather grew up and learned the trade, both my great-grandfather and grandfather had tailor shops on the Southside. Entrepreneurship is my family legacy. When I had my first born in 2016, I realized that shopping for baby clothing was uninspiring, especially for boys. I decided to print a few designs on some onesies and see if my parent friends were into them. Well they were, and soon the word spread to other parents and the rest is history! We opened our storefront in 2018, and we have been fortunate enough to stay open for business. Our community supports us and appreciates our dedication to creating a better future for children.”

– Keewa Nurullah