A marketplace of Black-owned businesses that includes an online business directory and a brick and mortar shop in Chatham.

Neighborhood: Chatham


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ā€œ9 years ago when we started, we were literally HUNGRY and we had a hard time finding Black restaurants, easily. The existing business directories catered to an older demographic & lacked social media presence. So we knew we had a wide open lane to spread the good news amongst the younger, active generations to learn about Buying Black. It’s almost 10 years later & we strongly believe that our site & social media platforms have a lot to do with the surge of Black owned business support & awareness that exists today. We have been told that we are trailblazers and visionary but for us we simply want every neighborhood in our city to thrive and certainly we want to live in a place where we can safely shop, sleep, eat and play. As we grow from a 160 sq ft office and pop up to a 2500 sq ft retail showroom and fulfillment center(currently under construction) we look forward to supporting more local Black business owners and hiring more residents and future entrepreneurs.ā€

– Cassiopeia Uhuru