The Bigs Media Ltd

Black-owned fully credentialed sports media outlet in Chicago.

Neighborhood: Roseland


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“There was a void missing in the way our stories were being told from people with an agenda that don’t look like us and having a rich sports background (I played baseball & basketball at Mt. Carmel & baseball at Southern University in Baton Rouge) I knew that I had a passion and wanted to do something with sports when I knew my shot at being a pro athlete was over. It took hard work and dedication. Lots of no’s, lots of funny looks & just lots of nights wondering if this was my calling. 5 1/2 years later here we are. My biggest memory/milestone is converting ghee Cubs World Series in 2016. We were the only black owned media outlet there amongst almost 200 media members. That let me know that anything is possible.”

– Eugene McIntosh